One day there was a girl(layvien) that tells about her friend(ria may) to a girl(lea) that she only met in church..
Layvien: Hi lea..gud to see you again...
Lea: Hi layvien..gud to see you to..i cant believe it you still remember me..
Layvien: Ofcourse.!i didnt forget our conversation at the church to..
Lea: Nice memory...ehehe..!
Layvien: Yah..i know!joke...hehe..hey why dont we sit on the chair..
Lea: Ammm..Well sure!!
Layvien: I have something to tell you..!
Lea: About what?
Layvien: About my friend..we querrel on are last meet...
Lea: Oh..im sorry about that...
Layvien: No..dont be lea..
Lea: Ok..!
Layvien: You know she has a lot of bills to pay on the bank..but she didnt pay it..
Lea: Ok..you know you didnt have to tell me that..because we just met once and were not that close..
But layvien didnt know that beside her there is ria may her friend in almost 10 years..
when layvien see ria may she said..
Layvien: OMG..!!ria may im sorry friend..
Then ria may walk away..and layvien chased her then ria may said..
Ria May: Will you stop chasing me im not a mouse and your not a cat..and will you stop calling me a friend because you never care in me like a friend do.. so this is it GUDBYE LAYVIEN!!